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A Lifelong Fisherman

A lifelong fisherman whom earns a living out of his favourite sport. The face behind three successful fishing tackle brands, Matt Hayes Adventure, Matt hayes Wild and Fishing Hut, I’ve made over 200 tv shows about fishing, written two books (Coarse Fishing with Matt Hayes and Fisheye) and I have been a columnist/writer in high profile angling magazines and newspapers. I have even been the face behind a PC fishing game, Matt Hayes Fishing by game industry giant, EA. As well as my own brands, I also work as an ambassador for Norwegian Fly Fishing company, Guideline and American owned sunglasses giant, Costa del Mar.

I support United and my sporting heroes are George Best, Ryan Giggs and Alex Higgins. I love football!

A lifelong fan of musician, Ian Hunter, I enjoy music and among others listen to Noah and the Whale, Led Zep, Ellie Goulding and Counting Crows.

I’m passionate, romantic, creative, loyal, honest, blunt and I can be acerbic if riled. I don’t like hypocrisy or jealousy and I can’t bear internet trolls and people whom abuse social media.

Although I have achieved a high profile through my t.v work, I have never been comfortable with being recognised and I don’t regard what I have done as a big deal. That said, I am always indebted to the viewers and supporters whom have allowed me to enjoy this fishing lifestyle.


After half-a-lifetime spent earning my living from the sport I love, it’s time to put something back. I stand up for traditional fishing values and lament the fact that the sport has lost it’s way in recent years, especially coarse fishing (where the pursuit of targets and weights has become omnipotent).   I feel that angling has become too serious of late and should re-focus on what made us go fishing in the first place – the misty dawns, fiery sunsets, the company of good fishing mates and the joy of fishing technique – not the end result.

I’m not a big fan of the angling industry. It has failed to provide a proper career structure for talented devotees and it lacks values. It is supported by far too many people whom have low moral fibre and it has lost its way, bereft of causes and decency and defined by its willingness to tear itself apart and rip-off originality and creativity. It has created divisions and factions and this has resulted in an almost total lack of vision and direction. That’s why I do things my way and I don’t pay much heed to what the industry says.

I love my fishing more than ever. Through this wonderful sport, I have travelled the world and seen fishing in almost all of its styles. These days, I divide my time between the UK, where I fish and work in the winter and Norway where I run a high profile salmon fishing lodge in the sumer months on the famous Gaula River.

I love my life and would not want it any other way. I can honestly say that with hindsight, there are things that I should have done differently but I do not regret anything. Welcome to my website!

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