Matt Hayes, Chub 5-8 River Severn (1 of 1)

You can always rely on the weather and river conditions to peak just as the season is about to end. It’s just typical!

I managed to grab a few hours on the Middle Severn, on Friday, and took the chub gear out for an airing.

The barbel sport on the river is in pretty bad shape and there clearly isn’t the head of fish that was once resident in the valley, so targeting an old ‘chevin’ seemed like the obvious choice.

I went armed with the traditional approach of bread and mixed it up between flake and crust on the hook, with a small feeder or couple of SSGs shots for weight.

Although this approach may appear simplistic, it’s the little tweaks that really do make a difference.

I had quite a few bumps on the quivertip that didn’t result in anything positive to strike at, but after shortening hooklinks, and bait size and buoyancy, I eventually got some positive indications that resulted in a few fish over the 5lb mark.

The Severn is a river going through change and whilst it was a pleasant few hours, I really believe the stock levels are collapsing. Can it all be blamed on otters? I’m not sure, but wherever I go I see fresh otter prints… and that level of predation has to be catastrophic news for fish.

I’m back on the river today with a friend and have added cheese paste to the chub menu. I’ll keep you posted.

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