Welcome to the first ever Team Fishing Hut.

The project started a couple of months ago when I began the search for anglers who share my passion for communicating how rewarding, and fun, fishing can be.

I wanted to discover people who saw the sport as a celebration of nature and the environment ahead of the pursuit of a trophy to brag about.

The response was sensational with hundreds of applications. These nine wholesome chaps are the first to join the team but there will be many more in the coming months and years.

My pledge is to give guidance and coaching to these ‘media makers’ so they improve their skill set whether that be through photography, film making or writing. I want Team Fishing Hut to promote the sport in the right way and make it accessible to everyone in Britain. Especially families.

In addition to the advice and help in media, successful applicants also qualify for tackle at trade prices from my shop, Fishing Hut.

The first media coaching day was a huge success as we worked through many aspects of social media,and film, debating the best tactics to use to reach out and inspire a wider audience.

I look forward to a very exciting future for the team and the Fishing Hut store – I’ll certainly be sharing their work on this site. I’m sure they will welcome your constructive feedback.


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