Matt Hayes’ Bio Edge Wand Selection 1 – carp/barbel/chub


Matt Hayes’ Bio Edge Wand Selection Pack 1 £35

Personally selected for use targeting carp/barbel/chub etc.

Includes Crab – Bloodworm – Shrimp

Have you ever wondered how fish find baits in coloured water and in the dark?… well the answer lies in their olfactory system which gives them a sense of smell far beyond anything we can comprehend. That’s why flavouring is a very important part of modern angling in terms of adding attraction and masking human smells that can be easily detected on rigs and bait.

This selection pack could really give you ‘the edge’ and the applications are so diverse that you may well discover a new use before anyone else!

The easy-to-use wands have been imported from the USA after our researchers discovered they were producing fabulous results across the Atlantic.

Traditionally used on lures (hard baits and soft baits) or deadbaits to enhance their attraction, the wands have grown to embrace new applications. Test anglers have found ‘an edge’ using the wands on swimfeeders, legers and pva bags of bait to add attraction in coloured water. They have also been used on food baits such as boilies and luncheon meat.

They are simple to use – just sweep the wand across the surface and leave a scent trail that will last cast after cast. The more frequently you use it, the stronger the scent trail.

The facts:

 100% natural. Oils, amino acids, pheromones, enzymes and natural feeding stimulants
Ideal for freshwater and saltwater
Stimulates olfactory system, masks human smells
 Mess free application – non spill – quickly coat your bait, lure or tackle




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