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A to Z for beginners

Fishing terms made simple  is for AAA. Known as ‘treble A’ it is a large size of shot used in float fishing. The big shots normally lock waggler floats onto the line providing the casting weight. is for bait band. This is a small rubber band that normally goes around a small hard pellet i.e....
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Winter tips for more fish

Keep catching in the cold River water in town centre stretches is often warmer than out in the sticks and the fish know this. Coupled with a supply of free food from the duck-feeding public and it makes these urban areas THE place to head for when the cold strikes. Bridges, boats and boat moorings,...
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15 ideas to help you catch a carp

Simple tips for budding carpers Boilies tend to be round. But these can become familiar to carp. Why not try fishing half a boilie instead? Not only will this look different, you will have broken the skin and allowed added scent to escape into the water, too.   Barrel-shaped boilies, or those that are completely...
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