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See first, hear first, watch first… and even take part!


Access all areas and help create new shows

Let me introduce you to SupaPass – the behind the scenes platform where you can discover more about my life and my work and even take a stake in the future of fishing on TV. So how does it work?
SupaPass is a place where, week by week, I’ll share my entire back catalogue of work so you can see all my films in one place.
SupaPass is also the platform where I’ll share new projects such as pilot episodes of TV series, one-off films, plus personal messages from my day-to-day fishing life.
And that’s not all.

There will be weekly Fishcasts where you’ll be able to hear what I think about the big news in fishing and I’ll also answer your fishing questions.
Each week, I will update the tips section with advice and there will be guest spots and films with friends such as Mick ‘The Duke’ Brown.
It costs £2 a month to join me on SupaPass and that goes directly to support new projects. 
Supapass allows us to build a deeper friendship and enables me to get closer to my friends and supporters and share personal information.
My hope is that together, we will build SupaPass into a big club and a strong voice, and work as one to fund and create new Matt Hayes and Mick Brown shows in which you share in the project from start to finish.
Thank for your kindness and support, this could be the start of great things.