Matt hayes creative

“Clever marketing combines targeted data with great ideas that inspire and educate. It’s the shot of a marksman, not a blunderbuss, and the return on investment is second to none.”

Matt Hayes Creative

Bringing your ideas to life and broadcasting
them to millions

Creating memorable and sparkling words, film and copy is just part of the journey of showcasing your products and services.

The next challenge is ensuring your message is seen by your target audience. It’s the final piece of the jigsaw that so many marketing companies fail to deliver.

MH Creative is the destination that plans, creates and then executes marketing projects that can launch a new business and transform results of existing brands. A great idea or product can go beyond its potential if it excites people and hits large audiences.
The team at MH Creative has a history of delivering outstanding performance both within the world of angling and beyond.

Why work with MH Creative:

Consistently highest engagement in social media in the UK.

Unrivalled database for email campaigns.

Creative project team.

Award-winning design team.

In-house camera team and editors.

Photographic studios.

UK and European base.

“There are many great companies who consistently fail to make an impact. Why is that? It could be that the initial creative fails to resonate with the market place or the message simply doesn’t go beyond small groups of people. The challenge is to create memorable material and broadcast it to huge numbers through email, social media and when relevant, television. The world has shifted and it brings with it new marketing challenges and great opportunities. We’re here to help those who demand results.”

Matt Hayes

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