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Matt Hayes DVD Combo  £35

Get ‘The Pike and I’ and ‘Castaways Canadian Wilderness’ for just £35!

The Pike and I is a personal portrait of piking legend Mick Brown by the friend that knows him best: Matt Hayes.

Filmed, funded and edited by Hayes, the filming and edit took two years to complete.

Featuring archive from Mick’s roots in Birmingham, England, the script centres around Mick’s life and how he developed an obsession with a predatory fish. With narration by Matt Hayes, The Pike and I is a fascinating biography.

Castaways Canadian Wilderness is a double DVD with more than five hours of fish-catching action.

Matt is joined by top German angler Babs Kijewski, as they explore the wilderness of Ontario in Canada– home to a tenth of the planet’s freshwater.

Matt and Babs catch fish they’ve always dreamed of – muskies, pike, carp, salmon walleye, brook trout and more – and experience nature ‘up-close-and-personal’ in this journey of fishing, adventure and natural history.

The Pike and I is signed by Mick.

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